1) Coffee is a classic pairing with chocolate. Warm, with similar nuances of flavor, coffee works well with white and milk chocolate. It can enhance the complexities of almost all dark chocolates.

2) Black tea matches well with chocolate, though green teas are too astringent to pair. Herbal and fruit teas are challenging , as they have strong flavor characteristics and may clash with the chocolate.

3) Spirits are the most successful for pairing with chocolate. Whiskey, cognac and rum make good pairings with dark chocolate. Most wines are not good matches for chocolate, the exceptions being Port, Banyuls, Maimsey, and some Zinfandels which have the ability to match the complexities of chocolate. Light beers should be avoided while enjoying chocolate. Dark beers, such as porter or stout have the potential to harmonize with dark chocolate. However, the beauty of chocolate is its melting quality which slowly releases different levels of flavor components. Cold beverages can make the chocolate texture seem waxy not velvety as it should.